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Men's Basketball To Face Briar Cliff

Posted: February 18th, 2021
Tags: Athletics, Men's Athletics, Varsity Athletics, Basketball


Dordt will travel to face Briar Cliff in Sioux City, Iowa on Saturday, February 20 at 4:00 pm.


Tickets for the game are sold out






Briar Cliff is 12-12 overall and 9-10 in the GPAC and stopped a four game losing slide with a win over Hastings on February 6. The Chargers are 2-5 in their last seven games and had a five game winning streak before that from December 19-Janaury 9.

Jaden Kleinhesselink leads the Chargers with a 14.1 points per game average and he gets five rebounds with nearly three assists per game. Ethan Freidel is scoring 11.5 points per game and Quinn Vesey is good for 11.0 points per outing. Quinten Vasa and Nick Hoyt are at 10.6 and 10.5 points per game respectively. 

The Chargers outscore teams by a slight 76.3-76.1 margin and are getting beaten soundly on the boards by a 36.9-29.2 margin.  The Chargers have taken nearly 60 percent of their field goals from the three-point line and have convert 37.2 percent of those shots.  Teams are making 47.8 percent of their total field goals attempts against Briar Cliff.


The Defenders are 17-7 this season and 12-7 in the GPAC after snapping a three game losing streak on February 3 with a win over Concordia and a road win over Dakota Wesleyan on February 10.

Garrett Franken leads the Defenders with a 15.4 points per game average and 47 percent field goal shooting with 7.3 rebounds and nearly three assists per game. Jesse Jansma scores 14.6 points per game with 3.5 rebounds and nearly four assists per game and he makes 44 percent of his field goals. Jacob Vis scores 12.2 points with 5.7 rebounds and Cade Bleeker adds 10.6 points per game. Vis converts 65 percent of his field goals. Bryce Coppock has lifted his scoring average to 9.7 points per game and he has a team high 41 made three-point shots while Bleeker and Jansma each have 39 makes. Ben Gesink scores 6.0 points per game and Camden Bialas and Dejay Fykstra have 5.3 and 5.0 points per game respectively.

Dordt is outscoring teams 81.7-75.3 and outrebounding teams 35.8-34.0. Dordt makes 50 percent of its field goals and allow 44.8 percent success.


The Chargers were 71-61 winners over Hastings on February 6 with Conner Groves converting 16 points and Quinn Vesey scored 14.  Andrew Gibb came off the bench to score 16 with seven rebounds.

Dordt held on to win 64-59 over Dakota Wesleyan on Wednesday, February 10 after leading 30-25 at halftime in the Corn Palace. Coppock led the Defenders with 18 points and Jansma chipped in with 15 and Jacob Vis had 12 points and 10 rebounds.


Dordt beat Briar Cliff 86-69 in November and was led by Franken’s 21 and Jansma added 19 while Bleeker scored 14. The Chargers were led by Kleinhesselink with 15 and Gibb came off the bench to score 10.


Dordt will qualify for the GPAC Postseason Tournament which opens play with the quarterfinal round on Wednesday, February 24.  The semifinals will be on Saturday, February 27 and the championship will be on Tuesday, March 2.

GPAC STANDINGS…(February 18)

Morningside     16-3/20-3

Jamestown       14-5/18-6

Northwestern    14-5/19-5

Dakota Wesleyan 13-6/17-7

Concordia       13-6/16-8

Dordt           12-7/17-7

Briar Cliff     9-10/12-12

Mount Marty     6-14/9-16

Doane           3-16/6-18

Midland         3-16/5-17

Hastings        2-16/6-17


November 10

Concordia def. Midland 82-55


November 11

Jamestown def. Morningside 85-73

Dakota Wesleyan def. Briar Cliff 65-53


November 14

Concordia def. Northwestern 77-74

Briar Cliff def. Mount Marty 88-79

Dordt def. Midland 83-72


November 18

Northwestern def. Jamestown 91-78

Midland def. Hastings 83-66

Dakota Wesleyan def. Dordt 80-78 2ot


November 21

Northwestern def. Midland 97-79

Concordia def. Dordt 82-59

Dakota Wesleyan def. Hastings 74-70

Morningside def. Mount Marty 68-58


November 23

Jamestown def. Hastings 77-68


November 24

Morningside def. Northwestern 79-77

Mount Marty def. Midland 63-49

Dordt def. Briar Cliff 86-69


November 25

Jamestown def. Doane 79-64


November 28

Mount Marty def. Doane 75-68


November 30

Concordia def. Doane 83-66


December 2

Morningside def. Dordt 79-66

Northwestern def. Briar Cliff 98-90

Concordia def. Hastings 86-77

Doane def. Midland 68-64


December 5

Morningside def. Midland  77-73

Northwestern def. 111-79

Mount Marty def. Jamestown 80-79

Briar Cliff def. Concordia 89-75

Dordt def. Doane 73-66


December 6

Dakota Wesleyan def. Doane 93-88


December 8

Jamestown def. Dordt 91-74


December 9

Morningside def. Briar Cliff 76-58

Dakota Wesleyan def. Northwestern 82-76

Doane def. Hastings 95-72

Concordia def. Mount Marty 82-71


December 12

Dakota Wesleyan def. Mount Marty 78-66

Morningside def. Concordia 86-64

Northwestern def. Doane 98-84

Briar Cliff def. Midland 88-83

Dordt def. Hastings 106-72


December 15

Jamestown def. Briar Cliff 74-57

Concordia def. Midland 95-81


December 16

Mount Marty def. Doane 92-74

Dordt def. Northwestern 94-89

Dakota Wesleyan def. Morningside 75-60


December 18

Jamestown def. Concordia 89-87 ot


December 19

Dordt def. Mount Marty 97-80

Briar Cliff def. Doane 81-65


December 20

Morningside def. Hastings  86-67


January 2

Concordia def. Northwestern 81-74 ot

Briar Cliff def. Mount Marty 94-75

Jamestown def. Hastings 98-80

Dordt def. Midland 78-63

Dakota Wesleyan def. Doane 80-73


January 6

Morningside def. Doane 96-73

Dakota Wesleyan def. Concordia 70-64

Briar Cliff def. Hastings 104-75

Northwestern def. Mount Marty 69-56


January 7

Jamestown def. Midland 49-47


January 9

Morningside def. 88-69

Dordt def. Mount Marty 94-83

Concordia def. Jamestown 81-70

Midland def. Dakota Wesleyan 84-75

Briar Cliff def. Doane 83-70


January 13

Morningside def. Briar Cliff 89-73

Northwestern def. Dakota Wesleyan 86-73

Concordia def. Mount Marty 86-76

Hastings def. Doane 89-65


January 14

Dordt def. Jamestown 87-68


January 16

Morningside def. Concordia 95-77

Northwestern def. Doane 79-77

Briar Cliff def. Midland 90-85

Dordt def. Hastings 94-85


January 17

Dakota Wesleyan def. Mount Marty 69-58


January 20

Jamestown def. Dakota Wesleyan 74-66

Morningside def. Dordt 84-80

Northwestern def. Briar Cliff 79-69

Hastings def. Mount Marty 96-92 (ot)


January 23

Jamestown def. Mount Marty 93-66

Morningside def. Midland 98-72

Northwestern def. Hastings 88-70

Concordia def. Briar Cliff 81-58

Doane def. Dordt 83-69


January 27

Jamestown def. Morningside 76-67

Northwestern def. Dordt 81-67

Mount Marty def. Midland 79-78

Dakota Wesleyan def. Briar Cliff 92-76


January 30

Morningside def. Mount Marty 78-71

Northwestern def. Midland 85-56

Dakota Wesleyan def. Hastings 92-76


January 31

Jamestown def. Dordt 109-105 (ot)


February 3

Mount Marty def. Hastings 82-67

Morningside def. Dakota Wesleyan 87-77

Dordt def. Concordia 75-69

Jamestown def. Briar Cliff 72-71


February 6

Briar Cliff def. Hastings 71-61

Morningside def. Doane 95-71

Northwestern def. Mount Marty 78-71

Concordia def. Dakota Wesleyan 89-77

Jamestown def. Midland 100-74


February 10

Northwestern def. Jamestown 88-79

Midland def. Doane 75-71

Dordt def. Dakota Wesleyan 64-59


February 14

Dakota Wesleyan def. Midland  82-81


February 17

Concordia def. Hastings 106-77


February 20

Morningside @ Northwestern

Doane @ Concordia

Jamestown @ Dakota Wesleyan

Midland @ Hastings

Dordt @ Briar Cliff