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Men's Soccer Continues Non-GPAC Tests

Posted: October 4th, 2019
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The Defender men’s soccer team will travel to Bellevue, Nebraska to play the Bellevue University Bruins on Saturday, October 5 starting at 7:00.  Results will be available at  and at


The Bellevue Bruins are 5-7-1 overall and do not have a conference affiliation. The Bruins play a challenging schedule and are 2-2-1 in games against GPAC teams. Morningside has lost to Morningside and Concordia and wins over Northwestern and Briar Cliff and a tie with Midland that happened on September 25.

The Bruins have been outscored 21-17 this season and have a slight 69-68 shots on goal advantage. Andy Janssen is good for five goals per game and Alex Cuenca and Inaki Aldao has three goals. AJ Jarvis has played 1208 minutes in goal and averages 1.56 goals allowed with 44 saves.


The Defender men are 3-5-2 this season with wins over Ottawa, Viterbo and Presentation.

Dordt has been outscored 23-11 this season and has been outshot on goal 91-39. Patrick Munsey has scored five goals and leads the Defenders but he will be unavailable for the Waldorf contest because of a red card in the loss to Concordia on Saturday. David Benthem has two goals and Mika de Vin has two assists.  Seth Lewison has allowed 23 goals in 960 minutes played for a 2.2 average and he has 63 saves.


Bellevue lost to Oklahoma Wesleyan on October 1 by a 7-3 count. Toby Millward scored two goals in the loss. Bellevue scored first in the 10th minute and Oklahoma Wesleyan answered with goals in the 30th, 37th and 39th minutes for a 3-1 halftime lead.  Wesleyan added to the lead with a goal in the 49th minute and Millward made it 4-2 but the Bruins got no closer while surrendering the next two goals. Bellevue was outshot 17-5 on goal and 23-11 overall. Jarvis had nine saves in the loss.

Dordt played Waldorf on Wednesday, October 2 and lost a 4-0 decision. Seth Lewison made seven saves in goal while facing 25 total shots.


Dordt trails the series 8-2 and the two teams haven’t played since 2007 when Bellevue was a 3-1 winner in Nebraska. Ryan Coon had a goal in the loss and Jordan Huisken was the keeper for 78 minutes and had five saves.


Dordt will face Northwestern on the road on Wednesday, October 9 before returning home on Saturday to play Briar Cliff.

GPAC (October 3)


Jamestown                  4-0/5-4

Dordt                      3-0-1/6-3-1

Concordia                  2-0-1/2-6-1

Hastings                   3-1/7-2

Briar Cliff                2-1/5-3

Midland                    2-1/5-2-1

Northwestern               2-1/5-3-1

Mount Marty                2-2/3-2

College of Saint Mary      1-2/4-4-1

Morningside                1-2/3-6

Dakota Wesleyan            0-4-1/3-5-1

Doane                      0-2/4-3

Presentation               0-6-1/1-8-1



Concordia                  3-0/8-1

Hastings                   3-0/7-0-1

Morningside                2-1/8-2

Midland                    2-1/6-3-1

Northwestern               2-1/5-5

Mount Marty                2-2/3-5

Briar Cliff                1-1/3-4-1

Jamestown                  1-1/3-4

Doane                      1-1/2-7

Dordt                      1-2-1/3-5-2

Dakota Wesleyan            1-2-1/2-4-2

Presentation               0-7/1-8


September 4

(W)  Mount Marty def. Presentation 1-0

(M)  Mount Marty def. Presentation 6-1 


September 11

(W)  Dordt def. Presentation 2-0

(M)  Dordt def. Presentation 1-0


September 14

(M) Concordia def. Presentation 9-0

(W) Concordia def. Presentation 3-0


September 18

(W) Jamestown def. Presentation  5-0

(W) Dordt def. Dakota Wesleyan 4-3

(M) Jamestown def. Presentation 6-4

(M) Dordt tied Dakota Wesleyan 1-1


September 21

(W) Jamestown def. College of Saint Mary 2-1 ot

(W) Dordt def. Doane 2-1 ot

(W) Briar Cliff def. Midland 1-0

(W) Concordia def. Northwestern 1-0

(W) Hastings def. Mount Marty 11-0

(W) Morningside def. Dakota Wesleyan 5-0

(M) Doane def. Dordt 2-0

(M) Briar Cliff def. Midland 3-2

(M) Concordia def. Northwestern 3-1

(M) Hastings def. Mount Marty 1-0 2ot

(M) Morningside def. Dakota Wesleyan 5-0


September 25

(W) Presentation tied Dakota Wesleyan 0-0

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Presentation 4-0


September 28

(W) Briar Cliff def. Hastings 1-0

(W) Jamestown def. Morningside 3-0

(W) College of Saint Mary def. Dakota Wesleyan 3-0

(W) Dordt ties Concordia 2-2

(W) Northwestern def. Doane 3-0

(W) Midland def. Mount Marty 5-0

(M) Hastings def. Briar Cliff 1-0

(M) Morningside def. Jamestown 4-1

(M) Concordia def. Dordt 5-0

(M) Northwestern def. Doane 2-0

(M) Midland def. Mount Marty 2-0


September 29

(W) Hastings def. Presentation 4-0

(M) Hastings def. Presentation 1-0


October 2

(W) Northwestern def. Presentation 4-0

(W) Mount Marty def. Dakota Wesleyan 1-0

(W) Midland def. Morningside 4-0

(W) Hastings def. College of Saint Mary 3-0

(M) Northwestern def. Presentation 5-0

(M) Mount Marty def. Dakota Wesleyan 3-1

(M) Midland def. Morningside 6-1


October 3

(W) Jamestown def. Briar Cliff 2-1

(M) Jamestown @ Briar Cliff


October 5

Dordt @ College of Saint Mary

Briar Cliff @ Doane

Northwestern @ Morningside

Mount Marty @ Concordia

Jamestown @ Hastings

Dakota Wesleyan @ Midland


October 9

Presentation @ Briar Cliff

Morningside @ College of Saint Mary

Hastings @ Doane

Mount Marty @ Jamestown

Dordt @ Northwestern

Midland @ Concordia


October 12

Doane @ Midland

Briar Cliff @ Dordt

Presentation @ College of Saint Mary

Dakota Wesleyan @ Northwestern

Concordia @ Hastings


October 13

Presentation @ Morningside


October 16

Northwestern @ Briar Cliff

College of Saint Mary @ Doane

Dordt @ Mount Marty

Morningside @ Concordia

Dakota Wesleyan @ Jamestown