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Women's Soccer Continues GPAC Schedule

Posted: October 4th, 2019
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The Defender women’s soccer team will travel to Omaha, Nebraska to face the College of Saint Mary in a GPAC contest at 11:00 AM on Saturday, October 5.  Results will be available at  and at


The College of Saint Mary is 4-4-1 this season and 1-2 in league play. The Flames lost to Jamestown 2-1 in overtime and also lost to Hastings 3-0.  The Flames’ win in conference play is over Hastings by a 3-0 score on October 2.

The College of Saint Mary has outscored teams 16-12 this season and have outshot teams on goal 81-69. Kylee Mastromonaco has three goals along with Elli McMeeikin. Three other players have two goals each. Corryne Millet has played 781 minutes in goal and has allowed 12 goals with 55 saves. She has a 1.38 goals allowed average.


Dordt is 6-3-1 this season in women’s play and  haven’t lost since September 2.  The last two contests for Dordt have gone to extra sessions with Dordt beating Doane on September 21 2-1 and tying Concordia 2-2 after two overtimes on Saturday, September 28. 

Dordt has outscored teams 22-11 in the last seven games after getting outscored 12-2 in the first three games of the year.  All totaled Dordt has scored 24 goals and allowed 23 goals while outshooting teams on goal 86-63. Alaina Van Zalen has six goals and two assists and Katherine Kooiman also has four goals. Emily Kooiman has three goals scored and three Defenders have two assists each. DeLynne Zevenbergen has played 560 minutes in goal and has 21 saves with nine goals allowed for a 1.44 goals allowed average. Karlee Kuyvenhoven has 14 goals allowed and has 17 saves with a 3.5 goals allowed average.    


Hastings hosted and beat the Flames on October 2 by a 3-0 score. The hosts got three goals in the first 33 minutes and the College of Saint Mary was outshot 25-1 overall and 15-1 on goal.  Millett had 12 saves to keep her team in the game.

The Defenders needed a late goal from Rachel Zuidema to force overtime and settled for a 2-2 tie with Concordia on Saturday afternoon in Sioux Center. Concordia took a 2-1 lead at halftime and the teams went scoreless in the second half until Zuidema’s goal off an assist by Katherine Kooiman in the 85th minute. The Defenders had one shot on goal in the first overtime and neither team had a shot on goal in the second overtime. Concordia managed four corner kicks in the 20 extra minutes but couldn’t manufacture a goal from the set pieces. Zevenbergen had four saves for the Defenders to help preserve the tie. Claire Jansen had Dordt’s first goal in the 36th minute.


Dordt scored a 2-1 overtime win over the College of Saint Mary last season in a game played on October 15 in Sioux Center. Cailey Terpstra had a goal in the 41st minute and the Flames tied it in the 79th minute.  Dallas Parker scored the game winner in the 99th minute. Kuyvenhoven was in goal for Dordt and had six saves while Morgan Dillon had six saves for the Flames.


Dordt will be back at it on Wednesday night facing Northwestern in Orange City.  Dordt hosts Dakota Wesleyan on October 12 in its next home game.

GPAC (October 3)


Jamestown                  4-0/5-4

Dordt                      3-0-1/6-3-1

Concordia                  2-0-1/2-6-1

Hastings                   3-1/7-2

Briar Cliff                2-1/5-3

Midland                    2-1/5-2-1

Northwestern               2-1/5-3-1

Mount Marty                2-2/3-2

College of Saint Mary      1-2/4-4-1

Morningside                1-2/3-6

Dakota Wesleyan            0-4-1/3-5-1

Doane                      0-2/4-3

Presentation               0-6-1/1-8-1


Concordia                  3-0/8-1

Hastings                   3-0/7-0-1

Morningside                2-1/8-2

Midland                    2-1/6-3-1

Northwestern               2-1/5-5

Mount Marty                2-2/3-5

Briar Cliff                1-1/3-4-1

Jamestown                  1-1/3-4

Doane                      1-1/2-7

Dordt                      1-2-1/3-5-2

Dakota Wesleyan            1-2-1/2-4-2

Presentation               0-7/1-8


September 4

(W)  Mount Marty def. Presentation 1-0

(M)  Mount Marty def. Presentation 6-1 


September 11

(W)  Dordt def. Presentation 2-0

(M)  Dordt def. Presentation 1-0


September 14

(M) Concordia def. Presentation 9-0

(W) Concordia def. Presentation 3-0


September 18

(W) Jamestown def. Presentation  5-0

(W) Dordt def. Dakota Wesleyan 4-3

(M) Jamestown def. Presentation 6-4

(M) Dordt tied Dakota Wesleyan 1-1


September 21

(W) Jamestown def. College of Saint Mary 2-1 ot

(W) Dordt def. Doane 2-1 ot

(W) Briar Cliff def. Midland 1-0

(W) Concordia def. Northwestern 1-0

(W) Hastings def. Mount Marty 11-0

(W) Morningside def. Dakota Wesleyan 5-0

(M) Doane def. Dordt 2-0

(M) Briar Cliff def. Midland 3-2

(M) Concordia def. Northwestern 3-1

(M) Hastings def. Mount Marty 1-0 2ot

(M) Morningside def. Dakota Wesleyan 5-0


September 25

(W) Presentation tied Dakota Wesleyan 0-0

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Presentation 4-0


September 28

(W) Briar Cliff def. Hastings 1-0

(W) Jamestown def. Morningside 3-0

(W) College of Saint Mary def. Dakota Wesleyan 3-0

(W) Dordt ties Concordia 2-2

(W) Northwestern def. Doane 3-0

(W) Midland def. Mount Marty 5-0

(M) Hastings def. Briar Cliff 1-0

(M) Morningside def. Jamestown 4-1

(M) Concordia def. Dordt 5-0

(M) Northwestern def. Doane 2-0

(M) Midland def. Mount Marty 2-0


September 29

(W) Hastings def. Presentation 4-0

(M) Hastings def. Presentation 1-0


October 2

(W) Northwestern def. Presentation 4-0

(W) Mount Marty def. Dakota Wesleyan 1-0

(W) Midland def. Morningside 4-0

(W) Hastings def. College of Saint Mary 3-0

(M) Northwestern def. Presentation 5-0

(M) Mount Marty def. Dakota Wesleyan 3-1

(M) Midland def. Morningside 6-1


October 3

(W) Jamestown def. Briar Cliff 2-1

(M) Jamestown @ Briar Cliff


October 5

Dordt @ College of Saint Mary

Briar Cliff @ Doane

Northwestern @ Morningside

Mount Marty @ Concordia

Jamestown @ Hastings

Dakota Wesleyan @ Midland


October 9

Presentation @ Briar Cliff

Morningside @ College of Saint Mary

Hastings @ Doane

Mount Marty @ Jamestown

Dordt @ Northwestern

Midland @ Concordia


October 12

Doane @ Midland

Briar Cliff @ Dordt

Presentation @ College of Saint Mary

Dakota Wesleyan @ Northwestern

Concordia @ Hastings


October 13

Presentation @ Morningside


October 16

Northwestern @ Briar Cliff

College of Saint Mary @ Doane

Dordt @ Mount Marty

Morningside @ Concordia

Dakota Wesleyan @ Jamestown