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Basketball Heads To Jamestown For Semifinals

Posted: February 22nd, 2019
Tags: Athletics, Men's Athletics, Varsity Athletics, Basketball


Dordt will travel to Hastings on Saturday, February 23 at 3:00 in GPAC Semifinal round play in men’s basketball play. The games can be heard on KDCR 88.5 FM and online at Details about the contest can be found at and by following Dordt College athletics on Twitter at


The Jimmies are 26-5 this season and finished the year 15-5 in the GPAC and hold the no. 2 seed in the post-season tournament.  The Jimmies are 15-2 since December 8 and are currently on a three game winning streak.

Jamestown is averaging 92.7 points per game and allow 79.5 points per outing.  The Jimmies also outrebound teams 37.8-34.6 and convert 50.2 percent of their field goals while limiting opponents to 44.3 percent success.  Jamestown is making 41 percent of its three-point shots and limit foes to 33.6 percent success. Jamestown has also forced 470 turnovers while committing 393 in 31 games played.

Jon Purintun and Kevin Oberweiser have both scored over 1000 points in their careers with Purintun playing his first two seasons with Montana State Northern.  Purintun is averaging 20 points per game and has converted 50.9 percent of his field goal attempts. Oberweiser is scoring 19.1 points per game and has made 49.6 percent of his field goals and has converted a team high 109 three-point shots this season and has a 5.5 rebounds per game average. Terrell Alfred is the third double-digit scorer with an 11.9 average and he made 47 percent of his field goals and he has 81 made three-point shots this season. Brock Schrom and Jack Talley average 9.5 and 9.0 points per game. Brady Birch and Isaiah Dobson get 8.8 and 8.5 points per game and Talley leads the team with 6.2 rebounds per game.


The Defender men are 19-12 this season and 10-10 in GPAC play.  

Dordt is outscoring teams 83.1-79.2 and outrebound teams 40.9-35.0. Dordt has shot 46.7 percent from the field and allow teams to make 44.4.  The Defenders have converted 434 free throws out of 588 attempts and have limited opponents’ trips to the free throw line to 418.   

Garrett Franken has scored 13.3 points per game and has 34 made three-point baskets with 6.6 rebounds per game. Chad Barkema is scoring 11.8 points per game and is making 54.5 percent of his field goals and Jesse Jansma has an 11.4 points per game average to go with 52 made three-point shots. Alec Henrickson has an 11.0 scoring average with a team high 60 three-point baskets. Josh Van Lingen is at 10.3 points per game and Zac Bussard is good for 10.5. The tandem of posts average 6.3 and 5.2 rebounds per game respectively.  Ben Gesink adds 7.7 points per game and has 55 assists. The Defenders are also without the services of Chandler Brunsting who is out with an injury suffered in the last week of the regular season.


Jamestown hosted Hastings on Wednesday and the teams were tied 34-34 at the end of the first half.  A 13-4 run put the Jimmies up by nine just three minutes into the second half and the lead blew up to 14 before Jamestown won 95-86.  Hastings got no closer than seven in the final 15 minutes. Purintun and Talley had 23 points each for the hosts and Birch and Oberweiser both had 12.

The Defenders held on to defeat Briar Cliff 86-84 on Wednesday night after trailing 28-17 in the first half.  Dordt led by as many as 11 in the second half before withstanding a Briar Cliff comeback attempt led to four lead changes in the final two minutes. Dordt was 31-71 from the field and had a 42-38 rebounding advantage.  Dordt was also 16-19 from the free throw line. Zach Bussard scored a career high 30 points and had six rebounds as he converted 10-13 field goals and 10-12 free throws. Jesse Jansma scored 21 wit six rebounds and six assists and three steals. Chad Barkema had 13 points and Van Lingen had seven rebounds.


The Defenders and Jimmies split their two games this season.  The teams played on December 1 in Sioux Center with Jamestown winning a come from behind overtime decision 96-89.  Dordt was up 39-32 at the end of the first half and Jamestown tied it 84-84 at the end of regulation. Dordt was led by Josh Van Lingen with 21 points and Zach Bussard added 17 points with 10 rebounds. Garrett Franken and Jesse Jansma each had 14 points. Jon Purintun led the Jimmies with 19 and Kevin Oberweiser added 18 with ten rebounds.

The two teams played against on February 6 with Dordt prevailing 97-94.  Dordt led 51-49 at halftime but Jamestown bounced back to lead 77-74.  The Defenders recovered to get in front 94-86 with 2:42 left in regulation.  The Jimmies crawled back into contention and tied it at 94 on an Oberweiser basket with :28.  Dordt ran the clock down and Garrett Franken got free for a three from the top of the key and hit the game winner with :02 left.  Franken led all players with 27 points and Gesink added 14 and Barkema 13 as the Defenders were 34-66 from the field.  Jamestown got 24 from Oberweiser and Purintun made 19.


The winner advances to the GPAC Finals on Tuesday, February 26 against the Dakota Wesleyan-Morningside winner.


Women’s Basketball

Concordia 19-3/28-3

Northwestern 19-3/26-3

Dakota Wesleyan 18-4/27-4

Dordt 13-9/20-11

Hastings 13-9/19-11

Morningside 11-11/19-12

Midland 10-12/15-14

Briar Cliff 9-13/15-16

Mount Marty 8-14/15-14

Jamestown 8-14/14-16

Doane 3-19/6-23

College of Saint Mary 1-21/2-27


Men’s Basketball

Morningside 18-2/26-2

Jamestown 15-5/26-5

Briar Cliff 14-6/20-8

Dakota Wesleyan 13-7/22-8

Northwestern 11-9/17-13

Dordt 10-10/19-12

Hastings 10-10/19-12

Concordia 7-13/15-16

Midland 5-15/10-19

Doane 5-15/9-21

Mount Marty 2-18/6-23


Tuesday, November 6

(W)Concordia def. Midland 83-65

(M)Midland def. Concordia 78-72


Wednesday, November 7

(W)Morningside def. College of Saint Mary 82-62

(W)Dordt def. Mount Marty 87-75

(W)Dakota Wesleyan def.  Northwestern 76-73

(W)Jamestown def. Briar Cliff 65-51

(W)Hastings def. Doane 90-47

(M)Dordt def. Mount Marty 81-56

(M)Briar Cliff def. Jamestown 104-98

(M)Dakota Wesleyan def. Northwestern 88-75

(M)Hastings def. Doane 87-81


Saturday, November 10

(W) Morningside def. Dordt 97-84

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Midland 88-59

(W) Hastings def. Mount Marty 78-49

(W) Concordia def. Briar Cliff 99-71

(W) Jamestown def. Doane 67-36

(W) Northwestern def. College of Saint Mary 89-44

(M) Morningside def. Dordt 77-66

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Midland 95-92 ot

(M) Briar Cliff def. Concordia 81-64

(M) Hastings def. Mount Marty 67-60

(M) Jamestown def. Doane 90-60


Wednesday, November 14

(W) Midland def. Doane 66-47

(W) Morningside def. Briar Cliff 71-67

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Dordt 72-68

(W) Northwetsern def. Mount Marty 94-82

(W) Concordia def. Hastings 82-68

(M) Midland def. Doane 65-58

(M) Morningside def. Briar Cliff 76-67

(M) Dordt def. Dakota Wesleyan 87-85

(M) Northwestern def. Mount Marty 102-63

(M) Concordia def. Hastings 92-87


Saturday, November 17

(W) Midland def. Mount Marty 66-58

(W) Dordt def. College of Saint Mary 82-62

(W) Concordia def. Jamestown 87-59

(W) Brar Cliff def. Doane 82-55

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Hastings 81-63

(W) Northwestern def. Morningside 91-66

(M) Mount Marty def. Midland 74-71

(M) Briar Cliff def. Doane 100-89

(M) Jamestown def. Concordia 74-61

(M) Hastings def. Dakota Wesleyan 79-77

(M) Morningside def. Northwestern 92-72


Tuesday, November 20

(W) Morningside def. Doane 89-46

(W) Concordia def. College of Saint Mary 88-55

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Jamestown 62-40

(W) Briar Cliff def. Mount Marty 81-58

(M) Morningside def. Doane 67-58

(M) Briar Cliff def. Mount Marty 87-70

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Jamestown 86-80


Wednesday, November 28

(M) Hastings def. Midland 64-60

(M) Morningside def. Concordia 77-70

(M) Northwestern def. Dordt 74-69

(M) Briar Cliff def. Dakota Wesleyan 94-90

(M) Jamestown def. Mount Marty 84-65

(W) Hastings def. Midland 70-65

(W) Morningside def. Concordia 84-75

(W) College of Saint Mary def. Doane 68-67

(W) Northwestern def. Dordt 91-84

(W) Mount Marty def. Jamestown 78-64

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Briar Cliff 73-68


Saturday, December 1

(M) Jamestown def. Dordt 96-89 ot

(M) Morningside def. Hastings 104-73

(W) Dordt def. Jamestown 99-83

(W) Midland def. College of Saint Mary 72-54

(W) Hastings def. Morningside 72-61


Wednesday, December 5

(M) Morningside def. Midland 90-68

(M) Briar Cliff def. Dordt 89-79

(M) Jamestown def. Northwestern 113-94

(M) Doane def. Concordia 65-52

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Mount Marty 86-80

(W) Midland def. Morningside 63-58

(W) Hastings def. College of Saint Mary 75-66

(W) Dordt def. Briar Cliff 76-55

(W) Northwestern def. Jamestown 73-71

(W) Concordia def. Doane 93-53

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Mount Marty 64-59


Saturday, December 8

(M) Dordt def. Hastings 85-66

(M) Northwestern def. Midland 95-71

(M) Morningside def. Jamestown 69-60

(M) Briar Cliff def. College of Saint Mary 73-60

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Doane 71-54

(M) Concordia def. Mount Marty 99-68

(W) Dordt def. Hastings 81-75

(W) Midland def. Northwestern 74-73

(W) Jamestown 87-79

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Doane 75-66

(W) Mount Marty def. Concordia 70-69


Wednesday, December 12

(M) Northwestern def. Briar Cliff 96-73

(W) Northwestern def. Briar Cliff 87-65


Saturday, December 15

(W) Dordt def. Midland 94-93 ot

(W) Jamestown def. College of Saint Mary 80-62

(W) Northwestern def. Hastings 81-62

(W) Mount Marty def. Doane 60-37

(W) Concordia def. Dakota Wesleyan 82-68

(M) Dordt def. Midland 83-80

(M) Hastings def. Northwestern 100-94

(M) Doane def. Mount Marty 88-62

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Concordia 105-56


Wednesday, January 2

(W) Briar Cliff def. Midland 74-68

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Morningside 91-67

(W) Dordt def. Concordia 97-92 2 ot

(W) Northwestern def. Doane 79-49

(W) Jamestown def. Hastings 64-55

(W) Mount Marty def. College of Saint Mary 102-59

(M) Briar Cliff def. Midland 111-90

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Morningside 86-82

(M) Dordt def. Concordia 91-73

(M) Northwestern def. Doane 80-70

(M) Jamestown def. Hastings 90-80


Saturday, January 5

(W) Hastings def. Briar Cliff 74-66

(W) Midland def. Jamestown 77-65

(W) Morningside def. Mount Marty 89-63

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. College of Saint Mary 84-55

(W) Dordt def. Doane 86-69

(W) Concordia def. Northwestern 93-85

(M) Briar Cliff def. Hastings 106-103 (ot)

(M) Midland def. Jamestown 77-65

(M) Morningside def. Mount Marty 94-49

(M) Doane def. Dordt 61-59

(M) Northwestern def. Concordia 76-59


Wednesday, January 9

(W) Midland def. Doane 48-45

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Dordt 81-66

(W) Northwestern def. Mount Marty 88-58

(W) Briar Cliff def. Jamestown 54-53

(W) Concordia def. Hastings 102-85

(M) Midland def. Doane 93-91 (ot)

(M) Dordt def. Dakota Wesleyan 81-79

(M) Northwestern def. Mount Marty 98-60

(M) Briar Cliff def. Jamestown 86-70

(M) Concordia def. Hastings 87-84


Saturday, January 12

(W) Mount Marty def. Hastings 80-70 (ot)

(W) Jamestown def. Doane 70-62

(W) Morningside def. Dordt 91-83

(W) Concordia def. Briar Cliff 87-58

(W) Northwestern def. College of Saint Mary 90-46

(M) Hastings def. Mount Marty 66-62

(M) Morningside def. Dordt 94-92

(M) Jamestown def. Doane 75-72

(M) Concordia def. Briar Cliff 102-92


Sunday, January 13

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Midland 98-78

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Midland 82-67


Wednesday, January 16

(W) Morningside def. College of Saint Mary 79-63

(W) Dordt def. Mount Marty 81-66

(W) Northwestern def. Dakota Wesleyan 69-54

(W) Doane def. Hastings 68-62

(W) Concordia def. Midland 84-74

(M) Dordt def. Mount Marty 95-64

(M) Northwestern def. Dakota Wesleyan 80-77

(M) Hastings def. Doane 83-60

(M) Concordia def. Midland 66-51


Saturday, January 19

(W) Dordt def. College of Saint Mary 91-67

(W) Midland def. Mount Marty 68-63

(W) Northwestern def. Northwestern 82-53

(W) Concordia def. Jamestown  98-67

(W) Hastings def. Dakota Wesleyan 79-76

(W) Briar Cliff def. Doane 66-55

(M) Midland def. Mount Marty 100-84

(M) Morningside def. Northwestern 90-85

(M) Jamestown def. Concordia 95-68

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Hastings 79-60

(M) Briar Cliff def. Doane 66-62


Wednesday, January 23

(W) Midland def. College of Saint Mary 72-69

(W) Northwestern def. Dordt 77-70

(W) Jamestown def. Mount Marty 58-41

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Briar Cliff 88-43

(W) Concordia def. Doane 106-47

(M) Concordia def. Doane 70-53

(M) Northwestern def. Dordt 89-80

(M) Jamestown def. Mount Marty 101-74

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Briar Cliff 83-70


Thursday, January 24

(W) Hastings def. Morningside 91-78

(M) Morningside def. Hastings 98-64


Saturday, January 26

(W) Briar Cliff def. Midland 72-58

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Morningside 82-76

(W) Doane def. Northwestern 81-74 (ot)

(W) Hastings def. Jamestown 81-70

(W) Mount Marty def. College of Saint Mary 68-44

(M) Briar Cliff def. Midland 100-94

(M) Morningside def. Dakota Wesleyan 87-72

(M) Doane def. Northwestern 72-49

(M) Jamestown def. Hastings 92-91


Wednesday, January 30

(W) Morningside def. Midland 78-67

(W) Hastings def. College of Saint Mary 86-52

(W) Concordia def. Dordt 90-88

(W) Mount Marty def. Briar Cliff 69-60

(M) Morningside def.  Midland 91-58

(M) Concordia def. Dordt 72-69

(M) Briar Cliff def. Mount Marty 86-71


Saturday, February 2

(W) Midland def. Jamestown 67-61 (ot)

(W) Mount Marty def. Morningside 62-57

(W) Dordt def. Doane 64-51

(W) Northwestern def. Concordia 81-75

(W) Hastings def. Briar Cliff 72-55

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. College of Saint Mary 102-51

(M) Jamestown def. Midland 92-70

(M) Morningside def. Mount Marty 68-56

(M) Dordt def. Doane 82-80

(M) Northwestern def. Concordia 79-64

(M) Hastings def. Briar Cliff 93-91


Monday, February 4

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Jamestown 98-92 (4ot)

(M) Jamestown def. Dakota Wesleyan 102-63


Wednesday, February 6

(W) Doane def. College of Saint Mary 68-44

(W) Dordt def. Jamestown 74-56

(W) Northwestern def. Briar Cliff 76-41

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Mount Marty 65-48

(W) Concordia def. Morningside 69-53

(M) Dordt def. Jamestown 97-94

(M) Briar Cliff def. Northwestern 92-83

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Mount Marty 77-58

(M) Morningside def. Concordia 79-64


Saturday, February 9

(W) Midland def. Dordt 71-64

(W) Briar Cliff def. Morningside 78-61

(W) Northwestern def. Hastings 97-75

(W) Doane def. Mount Marty 69-63

(W) Concordia def. Dakota Wesleyan 79-66

(W) Jamestown def. College of Saint Mary 84-71

(M) Dordt def. Midland 76-56

(M) Morningside def. Briar Cliff 97-79

(M) Northwestern def. Hastings 97-75

(M) Doane def. Mount Marty 55-49

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Concordia 68-63


Wednesday, February 13

(W) Hastings def. Midland 69-52

(W) Morningside def. Doane 73-62

(W) Dordt def. Briar Cliff 83-35

(W) Northwestern def. Jamestown 88-58

(W) Concordia def. College of Saint Mary 95-51

(M) Hastings def. Midland 88-70

(M) Morningside def. Doane 73-62

(M) Briar Cliff def. Dordt 95-92

(M) Jamestown def. Northwestern 98-85


Saturday, February 16

(W) Northwestern def. Midland 67-54

(W) Jamestown def. Morningside 70-69

(W) Hastings def. Dordt 81-56

(W) Concordia def. Mount Marty 66-55

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Doane 65-37

(W) Briar Cliff def. College of Saint Mary 75-70

(M) Northwestern def. Midland 67-54

(M) Jamestown def. Morningside 88-75

(M) Hastings def. Dordt 81-79

(M) Concordia def. Mount Marty 84-79

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Doane 71-65


Wednesday, February 20

GPAC Quarterfinals

(W) Hastings def. Dordt 66-63

(W) Concordia def. Briar Cliff 80-55

(W) Northwestern def. Midland 60-36

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Morningside 88-75

(M) Dordt def. Briar Cliff 86-84

(M) Jamestown def. Hastings 95-86

(M) Morningside def. Concordia 97-74

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Northwestern 110-99


Saturday, February 23

GPAC Semifinals

(W) Hastings @ Concordia

(W) Dakota Wesleyan @ Northwestern

(M) Dordt @ Jamestown

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Morningside


Tuesday, February 26

GPAC Finals