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Basketball Hosts GPAC Doubleheader Tonight

Posted: January 9th, 2019
Tags: Athletics, Men's Athletics, Varsity Athletics, Women's Athletics, Basketball


Dordt will host Dakota Wesleyan on Wednesday, January 9 in a GPAC doubleheader. The women’s game will start at 6:00 with the men to follow at 8:00. The games can be heard on KDCR 88.5 FM and online at There will be video available at . Details about the contest can be found at and by following Dordt College athletics on Twitter at


The Dakota Wesleyan Tigers are 17-1 overall and 10-1 in the GPAC with its lone loss an 82-68 setback to Concordia on December 15. Jason Christensen’s team has won four games in a row since that loss.

Wesleyan averages 80.2 points per game with a 59.9 points per game defensive average. The Tigers are converting 47.4 percent of its field goals and allow teams to make 38.8. Wesleyan is converting 83.4 percent of its free throws and outrebound teams 34.4-27.7.

Kynedi Cheeseman scores 18.9 points per game with 4.5 rebounds and she is converting 49 percent of her field goals. Sarah Carr scores 17.4 points per game with 5.2 rebounds and adds 51.9 percent of her field goal tries.  Rylie Osthus and Makaela Karst are both scoring 10.9 and 10.7 points per outing. Sydney Halling is adding 9.7 points per game in a reserve role and Madison Matthews is chipping in with 6.2 points per game.

The Dakota Wesleyan Tigers are 7-3 in the league and 13-4 overall. The Tigers started the season with six straight wins before back to back losses to Dordt and Hastings. The Tigers also lost to Briar Cliff on November 28 and were 7-3 at that point. Since November 28 the Tigers are 6-1 with the loss a 112-110 loss to Peru State on December 29. 

The Tigers average 92.2 points per game and allow 80.4. The Tigers have converted 48.2 percent of his field goals and allow 46.4. The Tigers take 51 percent of their field goals from the three-point line and make 37.5 percent of the three-point shots they take. Wesleyan has forced 249 turnovers while committing ten per game.

Ty Hoglund scores a GPAC best 27.1 points per game with 55 percent field goal shooting and 42.4 percent three-point accuracy. Hoglund also gets 4.5 rebounds and has 31 steals this season. Nick Harden scores 17.6 points per game and Samuel McCloud is good for 12.1 points per game with 5.0 rebounds per game. Collin Kramer takes down a team high 5.9 rebounds per game.


The Defender women are 15-4 overall and 8-3 in the GPAC with losses in the league to Northwestern, Dakota Wesleyan and Morningside.  The Defenders have won five  in a row since a non-conference loss on the road to Bellevue in mid-December. 

Dordt is averaging 85.1 points per game with a 69.7 defensive average. Dordt also outrebounds teams 47.8-36.4 and are converting 44.9 percent of its field goals while allowing 37.0 percent success for opponents.

Erika Feenstra is averaging 23.7 points per game with 63 percent field goal shooting and she gets 8.3 rebounds per game. Annie Rhinesmith is good for 13.2 points per game and she is making 33.6 percent of her three-point shots and has made 36 three-point shots. Rachel Evavold is good for 12.1 points per game and 7.4 rebounds and she is making 52 percent of her field goals. Payton Harmsen adds 9.1 points per game and Sienna Stamness is at 6.5 points per game and Kenzie Bousema is at a 6.0 points per game average. Harmsen leads the team with 44 made three-point baskets. Rhinesmith averages 5.5 assists per game.

The Defender men are 12-7 this season and 5-5 in GPAC play. The Defenders have league losses to Northwestern, Jamestown, Briar Cliff and Morningside and bounced back from three straight GPAC losses to win three in a row in league play from before Christmas to the Wednesday win over Concordia.

Dordt is outscoring teams 81.3-77.6 and outrebound teams 42.2-36.8. Dordt has shot 45 percent from the field and allow teams to make 43.2.  

Jesse Jansma is scoring 12.5 points per game and has made a team high 32 three-point shots. Garrett Franken is scoring 12.2 points per game with 7.5 rebounds. Chad Barkema and Josh Van Lingen have scored 11.9 and 10.9 points per game respectively and take in 5.8 and 5.5 rebounds each. Barkema is making 54.9 percent of his field goal attempts. Zach Bussard is scoring 9.8 points per game with 5.0 rebounds and Alec Henrickson is good for 9.4 points per game and Ben Gesink is at 6.8. Chandler Brunsting leads the team with 3.2 assists per game and Henrickson has converted a team high 37 three-point shots.


The Tiger women were 84-55 winners over the College of Saint Mary in Omaha on Saturday. The Tigers were up 41-26 at halftime and steadily pulled away in the second half. Carr had 32 points and eight rebounds and Cheeseman had 17. Wesleyan converted 58.9 percent of its field goals and had a 34-19 rebounding edge.

The Defender women were 86-69 winners on Saturday over Doane with Evavold scoring 20 and Annie Rhinesmith had 17 points and 10 rebounds. Jordyn Van Maanen added 14 points as the Defenders converted 48.4 percent from the field.

Wesleyan’s last game was a January 2 win over Morningside by an 86-82 margin. Hoglund had 30 in the win and was 10-17 from the field and Harden added 13 while Ahmadu converted 12.  The Tigers were 12-34 from the three-point line.

The Dordt men were on the short end of a 61-59 decision with Doane on Saturday.  Dordt led much of the second half but surrendered the final six points of regulation and absorbed the loss. Henrickson scored 14 and Barkema added 11 with seven rebounds.


The Defender women were unable to recover from a 21-7 third quarter and lost a 72-68 decision at the Corn Palace in mid-November. Annie Rhinesmith scored 20 and Erika Feenstra scored 15. Sarah Carr added 19 and Rylie Osthus scored 15. Dordt had a 37-28 rebounding edge and both teams had 14 rebounds.

The Defender men secured an improbable win on November 14 by overcoming a 16-point deficit with 4:26 left in the game and won 87-85. Jesse Jansma came off the bench to score 20 and Franken scored 17 while Ben Gesink had 15. Hoglund led Wesleyan with 21 points and Ahmadu added 17 and Harden 16.


Dordt is on the road to face Morningside on Saturday, January 12 before hosting Mount Marty on January 16.


Women’s Basketball

Dakota Wesleyan 10-1/17-1

Northwestern 9-2/15-2

Concordia 9-2/15-2

Dordt 8-3/15-4

Morningside 7-4/14-4

Hastings 6-5/10-7

Midland 5-6/10-7

Briar Cliff 4-7/10-9

Jamestown 4-7/10-9

Mount Marty 3-8/9-8

College of Saint Mary 1-10/2-16

Doane 0-11/3-15


Men’s Basketball

Morningside 9-1/15-1

Briar Cliff 8-2/14-3

Dakota Wesleyan 7-3/13-4

Jamestown 7-3/17-3

Dordt 5-5/12-7

Hastings 5-5/12-6

Northwestern 5-5/11-8

Midland 3-7/8-11

Doane 3-7/6-12

Mount Marty 2-8/6-13

Concordia 1-9/8-10



Tuesday, November 6

(W)Concordia def. Midland 83-65

(M)Midland def. Concordia 78-72


Wednesday, November 7

(W)Morningside def. College of Saint Mary 82-62

(W)Dordt def. Mount Marty 87-75

(W)Dakota Wesleyan def.  Northwestern 76-73

(W)Jamestown def. Briar Cliff 65-51

(W)Hastings def. Doane 90-47

(M)Dordt def. Moutn Marty 81-56

(M)Briar Cliff def. Jamestown 104-98

(M)Dakota Wesleyan def. Northwestern 88-75

(M)Hastings def. Doane 87-81


Saturday, November 10

(W) Morningside def. Dordt 97-84

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Midland 88-59

(W) Hastings def. Mount Marty 78-49

(W) Concordia def. Briar Cliff 99-71

(W) Jamestown def. Doane 67-36

(W) Northwestern def. College of Saint Mary 89-44

(M) Morningside def. Dordt 77-66

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Midland 95-92 ot

(M) Briar Cliff def. Concordia 81-64

(M) Hastings def. Mount Marty 67-60

(M) Jamestown def. Doane 90-60


Wednesday, November 14

(W) Midland def. Doane 66-47

(W) Morningside def. Briar Cliff 71-67

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Dordt 72-68

(W) Northwetsern def. Mount Marty 94-82

(W) Concordia def. Hastings 82-68

(M) Midland def. Doane 65-58

(M) Morningside def. Briar Cliff 76-67

(M) Dordt def. Dakota Wesleyan 87-85

(M) Northwestern def. Mount Marty 102-63

(M) Concordia def. Hastings 92-87


Saturday, November 17

(W) Midland def. Mount Marty 66-58

(W) Dordt def. College of Saint Mary 82-62

(W) Concordia def. Jamestown 87-59

(W) Brar Cliff def. Doane 82-55

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Hastings 81-63

(W) Northwestern def. Morningside 91-66

(M) Mount Marty def. Midland 74-71

(M) Briar Cliff def. Doane 100-89

(M) Jamestown def. Concordia 74-61

(M) Hastings def. Dakota Wesleyan 79-77

(M) Morningside def. Northwestern 92-72


Tuesday, November 20

(W) Morningside def. Doane 89-46

(W) Concordia def. College of Saint Mary 88-55

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Jamestown 62-40

(W) Briar Cliff def. Mount Marty 81-58

(M) Morningside def. Doane 67-58

(M) Briar Cliff def. Mount Marty 87-70

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Jamestown 86-80


Wednesday, November 28

(M) Hastings def. Midland 64-60
(M) Morningside def. Concordia 77-70
(M) Northwestern def. Dordt 74-69
(M) Briar Cliff def. Dakota Wesleyan 94-90
(M) Jamestown def. Mount Marty  84-65
(W) Hastings   def. Midland 70-65
(W) Morningside def.Concordia 84-75
(W) College of Saint Mary def. Doane 68-67
(W) Northwestern def. Dordt  91-84
(W) Mount Marty def. Jamestown 78-64
(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Briar Cliff 73-68

Saturday, December 1

(M) Jamestown def. Dordt 96-89 ot

(M) Morningside def. Hastings 104-73

(W) Dordt def. Jamestown 99-83

(W) Midland def. College of Saint Mary 72-54

(W) Hastings def. Morningside 72-61


Wednesday, December 5

(M) Morningside def. Midland 90-68

(M) Briar Cliff def. Dordt 89-79

(M) Jamestown def. Northwestern 113-94

(M) Doane def. Concordia 65-52

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Mount Marty 86-80

(W) Midland def. Morningside 63-58

(W) Hastings def. College of Saint Mary 75-66

(W) Dordt def. Briar Cliff 76-55

(W) Northwestern def. Jamestown 73-71

(W) Concordia def. Doane 93-53

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Mount Marty 64-59


Saturday, December 8

(M) Dordt def. Hastings 85-66

(M) Northwestern def. Midland 95-71

(M) Morningside def. Jamestown 69-60

(M) Briar Cliff def. College of Saint Mary 73-60

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Doane 71-54

(M) Concordia def. Mount Marty 99-68

(W) Dordt def. Hastings 81-75

(W) Midland def. Northwestern 74-73

(W) Jamestown 87-79

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Doane 75-66

(W) Mount Marty def. Concordia 70-69


Wednesday, December 12

(M) Northwestern def. Briar Cliff 96-73

(W) Northwestern def. Briar Cliff 87-65


Saturday, December 15

(W) Dordt def. Midland 94-93 ot

(W) Jamestown def. College of Saint Mary 80-62

(W) Northwestern def. Hastings 81-62

(W) Mount Marty def. Doane 60-37

(W) Concordia def. Dakota Wesleyan 82-68

(M) Dordt def. Midland 83-80

(M) Hastings def. Northwestern 100-94

(M) Doane def. Mount Marty 88-62

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Concordia 105-56


Wednesday, January 2

(W) Briar Cliff def. Midland 74-68

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. Morningside 91-67

(W) Dordt def. Concordia 97-92 2 ot

(W) Northwestern def. Doane 79-49

(W) Jamestown def. Hastings 64-55

(W) Mount Marty def. College of Saint Mary 102-59

(M) Briar Cliff def. Midland 111-90

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Morningside 86-82

(M) Dordt def. Concordia 91-73

(M) Northwestern def. Doane 80-70

(M) Jamestown def. Hastings 90-80


Saturday, January 5

(W) Hastings def. Briar Cliff 74-66

(W) Midland def. Jamestown 77-65

(W) Morningside def. Mount Marty 89-63

(W) Dakota Wesleyan def. College of Saint Mary 84-55

(W) Dordt def. Doane 86-69

(W) Concordia def. Northwestern 93-85

(M) Briar Cliff def. Hastings 106-103 (ot)

(M) Midland def. Jamestown 77-65

(M) Morningside def. Mount Marty 94-49

(M) Doane def. Dordt 61-59

(M) Northwestern def. Concordia 76-59


Wednesday, January 9

Doane @ Midland

Dakota Wesleyan @ Dordt

Mount Marty @ Northwestern

Jamestown @ Briar Cliff

Concordia @ Hastings


Saturday, January 12

Hastings @ Mount Marty

Dordt @ Morningside

Northwestern @ College of Saint Mary

Jamestown @ Doane

Briar Cliff @ Concordia


Sunday, January 13

Midland @ Dakota Wesleyan


Wednesday, January 16

Midland @ Concordia

Morningside @ College of Saint Mary

Mount Marty @ Dordt

Northwestern @ Dakota Wesleyan

Hastings @ Doane


Saturday, January 19

Mount Marty @ Midland

Morningside @ Northwestern

College of Saint Mary @ Dordt

Concordia @ Jamestown

Dakota Wesleyan @ Hastings

Doane @ Briar Cliff


Wednesday, January 23

Midland @ College of Saint Mary

Northwestern @ Dordt

Jamestown @ Mount Marty

Briar Cliff @ Dakota Wesleyan

Doane @ Concordia


Thursday, January 24

Hastings @ Morningside


Saturday, January 26

Midland @ Briar Cliff

Dakota Wesleyan @ Morningside

Mount Marty @ College of Saint Mary

Northwestern @ Doane

Hastings @ Jamestown


Wednesday, January 30

Morningside @ Midland

College of Saint Mary @ Hastings

Dordt @ Concordia

Dakota Wesleyan @ Jamestown

Mount Marty @ Briar Cliff


Saturday, February 2

Jamestown @ Midland

Morningside @ Mount Marty

Doane @ Dordt

Concordia @ Northwestern

Briar Cliff @ Hastings


Wednesday, February 6

Concordia @ Morningside

Doane @ College of Saint Mary

Dordt @ Jamestown

Northwestern @ Briar Cliff

Mount Marty @ Dakota Wesleyan


Saturday, February 9

Midland @ Dordt

Briar Cliff @ Morningside

Jamestown @ College of Saint Mary

Hastings @ Northwestern

Mount Marty @ Doane

Dakota Wesleyan @ Concordia


Wednesday, February 13

Midland @ Hastings

Morningside @ Doane

Briar Cliff @ Dordt

Jamestown @ Northwestern

College of Saint Mary @ Concordia


Saturday, February 16

Northwestern @ Midland

Morningside @ Jamestown

College of Saint Mary @ Briar Cliff

Dordt @ Hastings

Concordia @ Mount Marty

Doane @ Dakota Wesleyan